San Francisco

tl;dr: Been there, suffered that. So we engineered badass outfits for work.

Hi! We’re Zana and Milana – co-founders of The Rising.

We founded this company to solve the business-casual workwear problem. In our prior lives at tech companies, we found it so hard to dress for work. We wanted clothes to make us feel powerful, but when we wore the male T-shirt and jeans uniform we felt out of place.

Having faced so many problems with work clothes, we sat down and embarked on a journey to reengineer the female work uniform - especially in business casual offices where the scope is broad and confusing. With lots of trial and error, and hundredths of interviews with real women, we hacked the best outfit to power you up, and incorporated tons of handy tricks so that clothing doesn’t get caught in your way to the top. #PowerUp.

Our mission at The Rising is for workwear to become effortless and alleviate all the worries women have when it comes to clothes. When women focus less on clothes, they can focus more on what matters to them.