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"The Rising" was born out of a desire to get back to the game we all love. There are a lot of SWGEMU servers out there. Each has it's strong points and it's weaknesses. The founders of this server are a mixed lot, refugees from the time of live, wandering through most of the EMU servers out there and finally landing here. They settled here in this little spot of the galaxy to build a home that everyone who has a love for the game can come and play without dealing with the issues that come with a lot of the other servers out there.

Here the community has a say, every player's voice counts. Not every decision is made in committee but all of the flow and direction of the server is put out for everyone to have a hand in. All of the founders and admins are committed to having a good time and ensuring all the players have a fair and equal playing field so they can enjoy the game.

The devs are open to everyone's suggestions and are looking for new and exciting ways to enhance the game while at the same time not giving everything away.

The Rising is not a vanilla server you have to work for what you get. All of the professions are playable and we are looking for ways to improve each profession to make each a valuable part of the community and the game's economy.

So come on in and join us, check out the "Getting started" menu button at the top. Feel free to create and account and join us in the forums to help make this the best server out there.

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