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The Star Wars Galaxy has some of the fiercest villains around. At the top of the list are the Elite or as the game refers to them the Elder.

These bosses are all "Tier 1" bosses. The mere title "Elder" ecohes images of opponents that not be able to be solo'd, or at best only solo'd by those properly equipped and prepared. As the rebalancing of the bosses was being looked into and the redistribution of the loot they drop assessed, it became painfully clear that some of the “Tier 1” were tired and easily solo-able while others were next to impossible.

On some servers the devs have attempted to resolve this issue by jacking the HAM to ridiculous levels, there by not really making the bosses more challenging. They just made them into time sinks and candy stores.

On The Rising each Tier 1 boss is being looked at and readjusted to be just that, "Tier 1". Some of the best materials and loot will drop from them, but as such they will represent some of the hardest and most challenging fights on the server.

They are being balanced so that the more players you bring with you the easier the fight will be but, the average feel is 2 to 4 players for a Tier 1 boss.

Does this mean that they can’t be solo’d? No they can be solo’d, BUT read below for some pointers:

  1. Tier 1 bosses are no longer dumb slaves to the code they will have skills comparable to yours.
  3. A mix of healing, DPS, and good armor is recommended for a Tier 1 Boss fight.
  4. Remember that there is no real agro in the game and as such everyone in a party is subject to be attacked. Taunt is the only skill in the game that serves this function but it almost has to be spammed.

IMPORTANT: Now for the really important stuff –

  1. Have a fully evolved toon!
  2. Be fully taped!
  3. Get good Ent and Doc buffs. If you get terminal buffs your fight WILL be a short one.
  4. Have the appropriate types of food and be knowledgeable as to how to use them.
  5. Know your toon and your skill set.
  6. ALL Tier 1 bosses are solo-able, they are just not meant to be. Be prepared for a very, very hard fight.
  7. Be mentally prepared to fail- During testing full template Jedi, fully taped, all the right food. Do not always succeed in taking down a Tier 1 Boss.
  8. Know you can do everything right sometimes and still end up riding the cloner express.

Closing advice: It can be done, it has been done. If there is a particular Tier 1 boss you are interested in trying to solo, ask around first and find the players who have solo’d it. Otherwise you will be making a long trip just to clone.

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