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Everyone's feedback is vital to making sure the changes that are being considered for live are working the way they should and are having the desired effect on game play. Anyone who is able to help out by connecting to the test server when it is up and testing out new things, would be greatly appreciated.

Do your part to help! Get in there, test stuff, break stuff, and help make the server great.



1. Open your explorer and locate your The Rising server folder.  Single left click on this folder then right click and select copy.


2. In an empty area of your explorer screen right click and select paste and you should see the following screen as your files copy.





3. Once your files have finished copying it will be whatever you folder was named then - Copy.  So in my case it was The Rising - Copy.  You will want to right click on this folder and rename it whatever you want to.  I renamed mine to The Rising Test Server as shown below.




4. Once you have renamed the folder double left click to open it and navigate to the file named swgemu_login.cfg. Right click on this file and select edit.  If you have never edited a .cfg file before you will have to associate a program to do this with.  Notepad will work fine for what we are going to do.

Once the file is open you need to edit your file to reflect the picture below.  Change your loginServerAddress0= to loginServerAddress=funkdialout.com.

If you are not comfortable with the above you can download the swgemu_login.cfg file [ HERE ] and replace the one in your folder with the one downloaded.




5. When all of the above is finished you can launch the test server by double left clicking on The Rising.exe as hilighted in the picture below.  Do not use RisingLauncher to log into the test server.




If you have any questions as to what needs testing currently please see the
Test Server Status and Test Requests Forums

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