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For the medical lines, go up Pharmacology first so you can use some Stim Cs, then Diagnostics for speed, and finally First Aid (the higher stims will let you heal more anyway, so this line isn’t as important). Organic Chemistry can be done at any point, unless you want to produce your own medial supplies (not recommended for the grinder).

Gained by healing damage and wounds, based on the amount healed.
More XP is gained from healing large amounts of both Health and Action.
Buy a crate of Small Stimpack Bs and a crate of Small Stimpack Cs with low Medical Usage. Use the Bs until you get high enough in Pharmacology to use the Cs (around level 3 or 4).

Optional: Get a Droid with a Medical Module of 120. This will allow you to heal wounds outside of a hospital-type area and increase the effectiveness of your healing.

Optional: Get some clothes with Bio-Engineer enhancements for Wound & Injury Treatment. Be aware that the highest this bonus can accumulate is +25 (even though it will add up higher, it will only count up to the +25).

Heal players. This can be done anywhere, but there are a few spots that are better for this than others:

A hospital-type area (ie. Medical Centers and Taverns). Just heal them as they come in (usually wounds). Try either Coronet or Theed.

Join a large group doing missions and keep them healed.

Healing Entertainer-types in Cantinas. This will only be Action heals, so the XP will be less. However, there is always a lot of people to heal and it’s in a central area. Try either Coronet or Theed.

Busy Starports. Heal the wounds of the players waiting for the next shuttle (need a medical droid) or those just arriving while they’re loading. Coronet is a great place for this.

There is a much better way, but it requires a second player devoted to your healing for a while. Basically, have a player that has Marksman: Ranged Weapon Support 2 write a macro to continually Tumble to Standing. This will rapidly drain their Action and a little Health, which you heal when it gets low enough. If they get just a Health and Action buff you can really rake in the XP fast! Note that this can be set up with macros to be done automatically for both players, just be sure to check in once in a while to see if you need training.

An alternative to the above is to have a Brawler player constantly use Warcry. The advantage to this is that Warcry more evenly drains the Health and Action Bars, meaning more XP per heal. However, the disadvantage is that you need to find something to use Warcry on (you don’t want it used on you because it will cause a delay). Some good targets are Pets, Droids, Vehicles, and Creature Lairs.

Note that all of these will not work with Warcry after Publish 7, so this method may become obsolete then.

Healing will drain your Mind, to circumvent this you can migrate your stats, eat some food/drink, take some spices, or get some Musician Buffs to increase your Focus and Willpower.

Medical Crafting:

Gained by crafting items from the Medic Organic Chemistry line.

Use the same tips from the Artisan General Crafting guide.


Novice: Biological Effect Controller (36xp – 6 Organic, 6 Inorganic) --> Organic Chemistry 4

307 Biological Effect Controllers
1,842 Organic
1,842 Inorganic

1,842 Organic
1,842 Inorganic

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