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General Crafting:

Gained by crafting items from the Artisan Engineering and Domestic Arts lines.
Do not grind near a Crafting Station.

Use Practice Sessions for a 5% XP gain.

/ui action toolbarSlot##;
/selectDraftSchematic #;
/pause 5;
/createPrototype Practice noitem;
/createPrototype Practice noitem;

Repeat the above macro in a loop for as many times as it takes to efficiently use several crafting tools.
The “##” in the line, “/ui action toolbarSlot##;”, references the spot on your toolbar where the crafting tool is located minus 1 (the number is zero-based).
The “#” in the line, “/selectDraftSchematic #;”, references the schematic number of the item you wish to create. To determine this number, open up your Data Pad and go to the Draft Schematics tab. DO NOT SORT THIS PAGE! (You can change the view though.) Now start from the top of the list and count every schematic that is difficulty 20 and below until you get to the item you want to craft, this is the schematic number for that item. Please note that this number can change after the server reboots or when you drop professions.


Novice: Practice craft Grips until you train Engineering 3

Engineering 3: Practice craft Wind Power Generators until you get Engineering 4/Domestic Arts 4/Business 4

(The below listed resources will vary due to server XP)

225 Grips
1,350 Metal
900 Chemical

64 Wind Power Generators
9,280 Metal
2,880 Steel
2,560 Low Grade Ore
1,280 Non-Ferrous Metal
640 Aluminum

13,510 Steel
2,560 Low Grade Ore
1,920 Aluminum
900 Chemical

Gained by Sampling resources
Make or buy any Survey Tool type.
Find a high resource concentration spot (+80%). Becareful not to sample radioactive resources.

Begin sampling

You can use a macro like this:

Macro: "samp"
/pause 300;
/ui action defaultButton;
/pause 2;
/macro samp;

NOTE: You can change the pause time or anyother part to tweek your macro. The /ui action defaultButton; command should close the pop ups that happen as you sample.

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