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Unfortunately anytime you put people together there comes the necessity for rules. Mostly because some people just don't seem to be able to get along without them.

Here on "The Rising" it is all about the community, the camaraderie between each other, and the love of the game.

As such the only rules we have are the ones that are necessary for everyone to have a great time, to remove the "I didn't know" excuse, and to establish some guidelines about how problems will be addressed if they should arise.

So here we are:

1. User Accounts -

  1. Each user is permitted to create only two accounts.
  2. Each of those accounts is permitted to have three characters.
  3. In total each individual user is permitted 6 characters.
  4. Each user is only permitted to have two characters logged in from each account at one time.

2. Software - All users are responsible to have in their possession legally purchased media of the original game and/or the software keys in order to use the server. Each individual user is responsible for the upkeep of their keys and software and should be able to demonstrate possession of them should staff request to see them.

3. "Harassment and Griefing" - In any online gaming community there is a fair share of bantering, clever and witty interactions, and all around good natured "ribbing"; however, there comes a point where this over shadows other individual's ability to enjoy the game.

Due to the subjective nature of "Harassment and Griefing" the following are some guidelines to use to determine where that line might be. 

  1. Clone camping - Everyone gets caught up in the thrill of the hunt; however, once a player has been killed and re-spawns in the cloner he should not be killed again by the same player and/or other players grouped or otherwise affiliated with the killing player. If it is clear that the killing player and/or other players affiliated with the killing player are intentionally re-killing the player who is attempting to clone and re-enter game play, then this will be considered a violation of this rule.
    1. If a player feels he or she is the victim of clone camping they should take any relevant screen shots with time stamps along with screen shots of deaths/cloning/tells/spatial chats, and any other information which will assist staff in making a decision about what action should be taken.
  2. General Harassment - Any repeated and unwanted on-going course of action that is intended to interfere with any other player and/or group of player's game play. Ultimately remember every players best friend is sometimes the "/ignore. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, so for the sake of your own game play and the game play of others, please don't do it. This rule extends to all threads of player communication; ie, Forums, TS, in-game chat system, and it is of no relevance whether the chat is general, global, or private tell. So like your mamma used to tell you, if you ain't got nothing nice to say don't say it. - Well don't type it either.
  3. Kill stealing - The general rule of civility is if a player or group of players are fighting a mob, leave them alone unless they ask for your help or allow you to join group. High level players should be mindful not to interfere in lower level player's game play unless asked.
  4. Boss Camping - General courtesy will prevent this from becoming an issue. Factors which will be used in weighing whether this is an infraction are but not limited to: server population, was there an attempt to group, over all interaction between the players. 
  5. Discrimination - Discrimination based on sex, race, religion, or any other personal bias is not condoned and will not be tolerated.

4. Cheating - Cheating pretty much covers it. Don't do it. If you ask yourself "Would this be considered cheating?", it probably is. So Don't do it Rambo, Don't think about doing it. Hacking, exploiting, fight-clubing, any other work arounds which take advantage of a player or flaw in game design which allows a player to gain an advantage over another player will be considered Cheating.

  1. (Example 1: Player A sits in a structure and sends his pets out to attack a boss or other player. - This is bad, this is "Cheating")
  2. (Example 2: Player A finds that if he stands behind cover and shoots a mob from that particular spot, that the mob can't shoot him back thus he is able to pull a mob to him that otherwise would have killed him prior to being able to engage it. This is cleaver use of terrain, this is not "Cheating")

5. Disagreements - Everyone is not always going to agree about everything; however, we can agree on how to handle the disagreement. Most in-game disagreements stem from either a misunderstanding or misperception by one or more parties. If players are having a disagreement about something we ask that the players attempt to talk about the issue and come to a mutually beneficial settlement without dragging the rest of the community into their issue. If it can be resolved civilly without involving admins and/or other players this is the best case scenario. If players choose to involve admins they should plan on their issue being shelved until the admins can talk the matter over and come to a proposal to resolve it. If players are unable to resolve the issue themselves and opt to involve admins they should realize that the best interest of the over all community will be the primary consideration when coming up with a solution.

6. Spatial Spam - Please refrain from spamming the chat channels with any type of spam. Please make use of the special chat channels for relevant chatter. If you have a crafter and are wanting to advertise please just ask what an acceptable delay in your advertisements should be. Auction channels are a great place for advertisements but should also have a respectable timer to avoid flooding the channel. A general guideline is 30 -45 minutes on advertisements for crafters where as a respectable timer for doctors and entertainers might be 10-15 minutes.

7. Reporting Violations - If you are wanting to bring something to the attention of the admins, please prepare all pertinent information prior to submitting an issue. Information includes but is not limited to screen shots (chat logs, images of the offense, etc.), a synopsis of what transpired included who, what, when, where, and why if you know. This will assist admins in quickly resolving issues. Prior to attempting to submit and issue the reporting player should contact an admin and find out the best way to submit it. Spatial and galaxy chat should not used to address issues.

8. Punishments - Well if you have read down this far. Cool!! Thanks for actually caring to read the rules and we hope they never have to be looked at or talked about again. Unfortunately, as we all know some people you just can't reach and can't seem to get along in the virtual world we inhabit.

Much discussion was given about listing specific punishments for specific offenses. The issue is once you put it in writing then it becomes very difficult to be fair and apply some common sense when attempting to resolve issues. The rules soon begin to be looked at as laws and punishments soon become not only a tool to deal with the offending party but often turn into shackles, binding the hands of admins. Rules are good and act as a reminder for civil behavior, but should never over-ride the use of common sense and just thinking. 

So no specific punishments will be listed here. Instead I will refer you to the last sentence of number 5 above: If players are unable to resolve the issue themselves and opt to involve admins they should realize that the best interest of the over all community will be the primary consideration when coming up with a solution.

However, if you are looking for a "General" guide: The matrix might go something like - Warning>3 day>1 week>perm. Punishments can start at any spot on this matrix totally dependent on the nature and extent of the offense.


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