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So, you wish to learn the ways of the Jedi or harness your passions and follow the Sith?

To learn the ways of the Force is not easy. It is filled with peril and frustration, and only through hard work and perseverance may you see the way. To learn the ways of the Force one should have a basic understanding of the jobs people around them do. This will enable them to know what role these people fill and how they affect the lives of the Jedi and the other people on the various planets. 

To become attuned to the Force one must also have a connection with nature, to live off the land and to commune with the creatures of nature.

Your journeys will lead you many dark places. There you will meet all manner of scum, villians, and shadowy characters. You must know their ways so that you best know how to use their skills to benefit what it left of the Order.

One who seeks to understand the ways of the Force are doomed to be forever hunted, even the Sith are not exempt from this fear and purging. Danger waits around ever corner and you should understand the ways of those who would be your hunters so you will be equipped to avoid and to defend yourself from them.

Your journeys will take you many places and you will meet people of all races and professions, you should learn their ways so you can understand how the Force moves through them and what role they play.

Only after many travels, visiting many sights, making many friends and learning the ways of others will the Force reveal itself to you. The Old ones are watching and if you prove yourself worthy you may get a visit from one of them to help you along your way.

Should you receive a visit and prove yourself worthy you should seek out the ancient hallowed places and humble yourself there and allow the force to fill you. Then and only then will you be allows an audience with the old ones, the keepers of the way.

They will teach you.


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