rising a

1. Go to Nym's stronghold.
2. Talk to the NPC to the LEFT of Nym first.
3. His mission will take you to the Droid Cave.
4. Enter the Droid Cave and follow the LEFT path.
5. Talk to the NPC at the gate.
6. Answer his questions: (in no certain order)
    a. Orange
    b. 720
    c. Sir
7. Take the droid data back to npc at Nym's.

8. Talk to NPC to RIGHT of Nym.
9. His mission will send you to a cave to retrieve Gas.
10. Go to bottom of cave and get the Gas.
11. Return to npc at Nym's.
12. Talk to Nym.
13. Nym's mission will send you to a facility.
14. Enter facility and follow to the LEFT at first main room.
15. Search the room maze for a computer station and retieve the data.
16. Go back to main room.
17. Follow path to the RIGHT this time.
18. Follow the hallway and then go to the LEFT downstairs.
19. Find the room with the CRATE.
20. Open the crate and retieve the Grenade Casing.
21. Return to Nym for your badge.

**** During a one of these missions you will be told to speak with the Sgt. Moore in the Lok Cantina. I never talked to him and was still able to complete all the missions and get the badge.

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