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The Jabba Themepark is pretty straight forward. Most players with lvl 4 in a combat skill should be able to knock it out with little trouble.  Armor and buffs will make the park go quicker. Park begins and stays in the surrounding area of Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. The Palace is a standard POI on your map.

You will need to make sure you have 200 Jabba faction points to start the Park. Jabba faction is gained by either taking Valerian missions or just kill the random valerians around the palace.

Reelo: (TP begins with him)
1) 2 Tuskens (Leader, Raider)
2) 5 Valariens (low lvl)
3) Escort person mission (4 valarien thugs at poi)

1) 4 Valariens (thug lvl)
2) Retrieve part (4 jawa, thug lvl)
3) Deliver part (no thugs!)

Ephant Mon:
1) 2 Valariens (thugs)
2) 1 Valerien courier and 2 thugs
3) Deliver part (1 valarien assassin there waiting)

1) 2 mercenaries, 1 kaduu (you get a petrified avian egg)
2) 2 Thugs, 1 vet (thug)
3) Cannibal Dewback (clvl 21) (Chicken Leg is the loot here)

1) Valarien Thug
2) Talk to someone
3) 4 Thugs

1) Retrieve person
2) 2 thugs, 1 3k 'bh'
3) Retrieve object (locked briefcase)
4) 4 thugs (called slavers)

1) 2 thugs, retrieve person
2) 4 valerian thugs (one called interrogator)
3) 2 thugs, 1 3k courier
4) 4 thugs, 1 3k team leader
5) Talk to somone
6) 2 thugs, 1 3k 'bh'
7) Talk to someone
8) 4 thugs, retrieve "Rantok"

If you ever want to keep the loot that is needed to be given in for the mission (I like the Rantok, and the Chicken Leg), just toss it in a droid, or to a friend, go back to the mission giver and do the mission again.

When you have to escort people in general (for other themeparks as well) you need to talk to them, they'll follow you. To ensure you get credit for the mission do not move more than 100 to 125 meter from the NPC you are escorting. Used to be all you had to do was talk to them and then go turn in. Something changed in the code since then and now they need to be escorted the whole way or sometimes you will not get credit and will have to repeat the quest.

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