rising a

Kaja Or`Zee

1. Escort the Governer
2. Kill The Rebel Sympathizer
3. Kill The Assassin
4. Kill The Droid Programmer
5. Escort - Retrieve the lost Droid

Inquisitor Loam Redge

1. Escort - Apprehend a Noble
2. Escort Bring a Rebel Leader in for Questioning
3. Kill the Slicer (1 person)
4. Capture the Leader

Lord Hethrir, Procurator of Justice

1. Kill Locate a counterfieter (1 person)
2. Kill Eliminate the Owner of a Rebellion Meeting House (1 person)
3. Kill Eliminate the Leader of the Rebel Group (1 person)
4. Deliver a HoloDisk to a Holonet Broadcaster (1 person)
5. Escort Bring a Serial Killer to Trial (1 person)


Captain Thrawn

1. Escort A Commander to Safety
2. Kill Bring Back the BlackBox from the Shuttle
3. Deliver the plans of a secret rebel weapon
4. Kill a Fambaa for his blood
5. Pickup a painting brush from a seller
6. Destroy the Cell responsible for the Cannon (2-3 people)

Colonel Veers

1. Destroy the Rest of the Rebel Base (1-2 people)
2. Rescue the Stormtroopers (1-2)
3. Clean the Shuttle Debris and get the Manifest (1-2 people)
4. Capture Borvo the Twi'lek and bring him in (1-2 people)
5. Destroy the Real Borvo and Clean up the Stragglers

The Emperor

1. Capture the Thug Ringleader (1 person)
2. Deliver the Plans to Ringleader 2 (1 person)
3. Kill the Security Guards (1-3 people)
4. Escort the Handmaiden to the Emperor (1 person)
5. Elminate the Rebel Cell responsible for the assault on the Queen ( 1-3 people)
6. Deliver the Queen's Message to the Parliament Courier (1 person)
7. Assassinate the Rebel General ( 1-5 people)


Darth Vader

1. A Rebel on Naboo
2. Retrieve the Master's Agent's Information
3. Meet the Rebellion's Courier and Kill him
4. Meet Lord Vader's Information Broker
5. Kill the Information Broker
6. Kill Kaydeer, Obi-Wan's Friend

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