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Jabba Themepark Guide

The Jabba Themepark is pretty straight forward. Most players with lvl 4 in a combat skill should be able to knock it out with little trouble.  Armor and buffs will make the park go quicker. Park begins and stays in the surrounding area of Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. The Palace is a standard POI on your map.

You will need to make sure you have 200 Jabba faction points to start the Park. Jabba faction is gained by either taking Valerian missions or just kill the random valerians around the palace.

Reelo: (TP begins with him)
1) 2 Tuskens (Leader, Raider)
2) 5 Valariens (low lvl)
3) Escort person mission (4 valarien thugs at poi)

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Imperial Theme Park Guide

Kaja Or`Zee

1. Escort the Governer
2. Kill The Rebel Sympathizer
3. Kill The Assassin
4. Kill The Droid Programmer
5. Escort - Retrieve the lost Droid

Inquisitor Loam Redge

1. Escort - Apprehend a Noble
2. Escort Bring a Rebel Leader in for Questioning
3. Kill the Slicer (1 person)
4. Capture the Leader

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Rebel Themepark Guide

Rebel Hideout, Corellia (-6584, 5915)

C-3P0 (-6507, 5985)
1. Deliver Food to Selonian
-Reward: 50 credits
2. Deliver Medicine to Captain Montrasword
-Reward: 100 credits
3. Escort Captain Teargle
-Reward: 150 credits
4. Deliver Information to Captain Drexsler
-Reward: (2-6) Ranged Weapons Components, 200 credits, 50 faction points

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Nym's Themepark Guide

1. Go to Nym's stronghold.
2. Talk to the NPC to the LEFT of Nym first.
3. His mission will take you to the Droid Cave.
4. Enter the Droid Cave and follow the LEFT path.
5. Talk to the NPC at the gate.
6. Answer his questions: (in no certain order)
    a. Orange
    b. 720
    c. Sir
7. Take the droid data back to npc at Nym's.

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