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PvP Event, Battle Royale! 17 Feb 9pm

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1 month 2 weeks ago #768 by Chani
Come one and come all to FIGHT CLUB.

Time to call out the other side, your nemesis, your neighbor..anyone.

This Friday, 17 February at 9PM Eastern Time Zone, the city of Flight Club, Naboo, will be hosting a PVP event.

1v1, 2v2, 3v3...whatever!

Simple Rules:

NO SQUADLEADER during battles, unless the SL is ATK and actively playing.

No Ganking or (FRS/BH) during the fight. Anyone within the city limits of Fight Club will be afforded the security of no combat until directed by event coordinator.

Buff yourself! Foods, doc, Ent buffs will be handled by the player. Coordinate prior to arrival. Fight Club does have a public Cantina and Hospital for your convenience. It is a Med Center specialization.

Non-participants are welcome to observe, however, if you are FRS or Special Forces, Fight Club Inc will not be held liable for any damage you take if you are in range of AOEs.

Jedi and non jedi welcome!

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1 month 1 week ago #781 by Korrbin
Looking forward to it ^_^ sounds like its going to be fun

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1 month 1 week ago #786 by Chani
OK, a little more info about this. I thought I would have more time during the week, but it has been hectic for me and really havn't had much time in front of a keyboard.

I'll try to put out some guidelines and rules so this will be a fun and "safe" experience. All times EASTERN TIME ZONE, US.

At 8:45, all PVP server-wide will be suspended, allowing participants to freely move about the galaxy to bring their toons to Fight Club. Galaxy broatcast message/Rising Chat will announce this. Please respect it.

From 8:45-9:00pm, move your toons to Fight Club and start buffing. I highly recommend you save your clone in the cloning center there, but it is your choice.

Fight Club "arena" area is a rather large box made up of Naboo Med Houses to make walls. However, there are cracks in them (SWG's brilliant design) that will allow a player on a speeder to slide down the wall and pop through a house and you'll find yourself outside the arena. FR3 and Burst will do the same thing, so be wary of the edges. Mistakes happen, especially in the fray of a fight..do your best to avoid it. If you do find yourself outside the arena by mistake/bug/glitch, do your best to bust back in the same way, or haul ass around and enter the normal way. Intentional abuse of this feature will result in disqualification of the current fight. Continued abuse of it will result in an Admin transportation ticket to a watery location and you'll not be welcomed back to the fights.
Again, no SQUAD LEADER will be allowed unless that toon is active. Food/Doc/Ent/Spice buffs are perfectly acceptable, and most likely required.
You will be directed to form groups by Admin and to break groups all through out the night. Please be responsive and follow commands to keep it flowing. In order to facilitate the fights, all will be required to DUEL your opponent, unless you are SF/FRS and you're going against the opposite faction.
A "Red Check" will be asked for and replies in spatial or TeamSpeak will be needed. A red check is just to make sure that your opponent is attackable..Red on your screen.
Rules for 1v1/2v2 or any challenge: Deathblow is the deciding factor. Do not Res until the fight is complete (in team fights).

Capture the flag: You may res as many times time allows. Winner is decided by the timer on the flag. This is why cloning at Fight Club is important, rez with no wounds penalty and get back in the fight in 5-10 seconds.

There will be stray shots, observers may get hit/slashed/KD'd/poisoned/pooped on/laughed at. Combatants: Do not target the crowd. Tab-targeting may be an issue to get your targets, just be careful not to engage the wrong people. There are buildings within the arena, feel free to go up there to observe.

Trophies will be made to event winner(s). They will be deposited with your house/cantina after the event or traded directly to the player.

Trophy Categories:
1v1-Tournament Type bracketing: Maximum 16 participants (no res and return)
2v2-Tournament Type bracketing: Maximum 8 pairings (no res and return)
Battle Royale: Anyone that wants to fight, everyone will form about a 15m circle and "duel" everyone, Once everyone is red to everyone else, the fight will be announced. Last Man/Woman standing is the winner. No rules, other than to stay in the arena and no outside SL boosts. (no res and return)

Capture the Flag:
It is a 5 or 10 minute battle between 1/2/3/4 people to own the banner. At the end of the timer, whoever has it, wins. Res and return permitted. No trophy awarded.

Non-Trophy Fights: (grudge/challenge match)

We'll knock these out first thing. Call out whoever you want to fight. Jedi/Sith/BH/Stacker/Kiter/Droid Engineer Wrench tossing contests/Chef Food Fights/Entertainer slap fights..whatever. Please be sporting, if you are a combat toon..fight..don't chicken out of a duel. Only exception would be REAL LIFE gets in the way.

JEDI/SITH...once a fight is over, help each other out and transfer force to those that need it (if you can), get them ready sooner. There is a wound terminal in the cloner to clear BF and any wounds from battle. Healer spec Jedi/Sith...toss your heals around between fights.
Shit Talking: Keep it to a minimum. I love smack talk, but I have a big mouth and one too many times I had to walk to my car after a softball game with bat in hand fearing I talked too much shit and would get ganked in the parking lot..lol. It is a fun event, have fun, trash talk a little, cheer on your friends, tease your enemies..but in the end, without each other the server would be boring and no fun. The overall goal of this event is to play together and have fun, see new tactics, play styles, what to do (and what not to do) to make your SWG experience better.

Please Respond if you wish to be in the Bracketed Touraments.

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1 month 1 week ago #797 by Awesome
Thanks Chani for all the work and prep it took to put this event together, was great fun as always

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1 month 1 week ago #798 by SnowLily
Thank you Chani:) Pretty awesome of you to put in so much effort and time into this

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