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 Go up the Musical Knowledge line first to gain access to the higher songs and instruments. For the Entertainer Healing lines it doesn’t really matter (I prefer Fatigue Healing). However, you should go up either one all the way before starting the other, that way you can earn more XP for more proficient healing and bank more XP if you’re AFK for extended periods of time.
 Gained by playing a musical instrument.
 The XP is gained in 10 second “ticks”. Doing flourishes during this time will increase the amount of XP gained per tick (usually 2 is enough).
 Use the same tips from the Entertainer Musicianship guide.
 Entertainment Healing:
 Gained by healing others’ Mind/Focus/Willpower Wounds and Battle Fatigue through music or dancing.
 The XP is gained in 10 second “ticks”. The more damage healed during that time the more XP gained.
 Join a group of other entertainers to form a band. You will get XP for any wounds/BF healed by the band as well.
 Optional: Get some clothes with Bio-Engineer enhancements for Wound Healing. Max for bonus is +25.

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