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 The “marks” for Bounty Hunter missions can be pretty tough (10K+ HAM), so unless you have other high level combat skills, it’s recommended that you complete some of the BH weapon lines before tackling Investigation. However, you will get a lot of weapon XP while doing the Investigation line so you may not want to max all the lines first so you don’t “throw away” the XP.
 Most “marks” are vulnerable to Electricity, so it’s a good idea to get at least LLC 1, but LLC 3 or even 4 will be very beneficial. However, Fire Knockdown from Carbine 3 is almost a must. When it hits, the target will get knocked down and possibly dizzied, keeping them from ever getting up again. Bleeding Shot from Pistol 1 is handy if you prefer the “bleed and run” strategy. So, the best progression would be to get 0/3/1/3 before starting the Investigation line.
 Gained by successfully completing a Bounty Hunter mission. Based on 2% of the mission pay out.
 Player Jedi Bounty missions will grant 1500 BH XP, but are only available to those with Investigation 3+.
 Can earn 1000 XP for successfully jamming a GCW base's Uplink Terminal. Investigation 2+ is required.
 To complete a Bounty Hunter mission you simply have to track down the target (the “mark”) and kill them.
 For Investigation 0 (Difficulty 1) you just have to get a mission from a BH Terminal and talk to the corresponding Spec-Ops Agent. This will get you an exact waypoint to the target. The best place to do this level is in Tyrena on Corellia. There is a BH Terminal and a level 1 Spec-Ops Agent right near the Bank/Bazaar area. Simply keep grabbing missions and getting waypoints until you get one within 2000 meters.
 For Investigation 1+ (Difficulty 2 and 3) you have to get a mission like normal, except now you only get a Bio Signature of the mark from the corresponding Spec-Ops Agent. Now you need to purchase Seeker Droids and Probe Droids from a Droid Engineer to be able to track your targets. Once you have the Bio Sig and a Probe Droid head outside the city limits and use a Probe Droid. After a few seconds, it will land somewhere near you. Go up to the droid and use its radial menu to give it the Bio Sig. It will take off to identify which planet the mark is on. Now head to the closest Starport and wait at the Ticket Terminal for it to report the planet (takes a few minutes). As soon as it reports back buy a ticket to the planet (or the intermediate planet to get there) and head there immediately (the mark will leave the planet if you wait too long). Once you arrive on the planet launch a Seeker Droid. While you’re waiting open up the planetary map and make note of the mark’s current location (this is from the Probe Droid and is no longer correct, but it is important). After a few minutes the droid will report back the approximate current location of the mark. Now line up the mark’s previous location with their current location and you should be able to determine which city’s Starport/Shuttle Port they are headed for. The mark will continue along this path, so either chase them down or shuttle to the city and head them off. You should launch Seeker Droids occasionally to update the mark’s current location. Good luck, these missions can take from 10-120 minutes to complete, depending on your luck and skills. The best location to get Difficulty 2/3 missions is Kaadara on Naboo. It has a Starport and there are Spec-Ops Agents for both level 2 (near the Bank/Bazaar area) and level 3 (on the side of the Starport).
 Since the difficulty 1 BH missions are so much easier, a good tip in the beginning is to not learn Investigation 1 until you have earned 10,000 BH XP doing these missions. That way you can learn Investigation 1 and 2 at the same time and bypass Investigation 1 completely, saving a lot of time.
 The benefits of doing difficulty 2 & 3 missions from Kaadara are that it has a Starport, it has both a level 2 & 3 Spec-Ops Agent, it’s rather small city so the limits are only a couple of hundred meters out (for calling Probe Droids), you can directly travel to 6 planets (Naboo, Rori, Corellia, Tatooine, Lok, and Endor), and all the rest are only one shuttle away by going to Corellia (go to Tyrena on Corellia for the best shuttle synch and to avoid lag).
 There are several bugs and issues that unfortunately happen occasionally while doing investigation missions, such as:
 The mark is unattackable (white dot on radar). No resolution, sorry.
 There are 2 identical marks. Happens sometimes, be aware that both can attack you and be attacked. You only need to kill one to complete the mission.
 The mark is stuck in an object (such as a tree or building) and is unattackable. Use a pet to draw him out. This is done by giving the pet the “Follow Other” command, and then the “Attack” command when it’s on top of the mark. The commands may need to be repeated several times to successfully get the mark to start attacking your pet. Once he does call you pet back with the “Follow” command and the mark will follow him out, ready for you to finish your job!
 What the... the mission just failed for no reason while I was running down my mark? Ah, you’ve come across the “drowning mark” bug, hehe. When you’re running down a mark he will spawn physically into the game world when you get within 250 meters of his location. If he happens to spawn into a large body of water he’ll “drown” and the mission will be aborted. To avoid this, look at the Planetary Map and predict the mark’s path, if it crosses a large body water around the time that you’ll be approaching him back off a bit a wait for him to cross the water (use Seekers). Just make sure you’re at least 300 meters away from the shore so he won’t accidentally spawn.
 The mark isn’t heading toward a town, or, the mark isn’t following a straight path. This is an issue with Endor and Lok, most of the time they will not head to a town and sometimes they’ll even just walk sporadic paths. Take these missions at your own risk (for sanity), usually it’s more efficient to just delete them and get another mission.
 The mark made it to the city and now the Seeker just gives a waypoint outside the city. As long as the Seeker doesn’t report that the mark has left the planet they’re still there, somewhere in that city. You just have to comb the city to find him. Usually their name is yellow and they don’t have a title. Just pray that they didn’t turn unattackable on you...
 Okay, so the Seeker reports that the mark is no longer on this planet, should I launch another Probe Droid? Well, yes and no. You can launch another droid and track him down again, however, when you get to his location he’ll likely not be there. This is also known as the invisible mark bug and seems to happen any time that they make it to another planet. Do yourself a favor and delete the mission.
 Bounty Carbine Specialization:
 Gained by killing MOBs with a Carbine ranged weapon.
 Use a Laser Carbine for the best results.
 Use just regular shots or Leg Shot 2 (hit Action bar), Action Shot 1 (bleed Action bar), Underhand Shot (knockdown), and Fire Knockdown (knockdown + dizzy).
 Bounty Pistol Specialization:
 Gained by killing MOBs with a Pistol ranged weapon.
 Use a Scatter Pistol primarily to level, but keep a FWG5 around for when something has high Acid resists.
 Use just regular shots or Body Shot 2 (hit Health bar), Health Shot 1 (bleed Health bar), Bleeding Shot (bleed a random bar), and Torso Shot (fire DoT). Eye Shot is also a great special for PvP because it hits the target’s Mind pool.
 Light Lightning Cannon Specialization:
 Gained by killing MOBs with a Light Lightning Cannon (LLC) ranged weapon.
 Recommend getting 2 LLCs, one speed sliced and the other damage sliced. Use the speed sliced one at lower levels until your accuracy improves.
 Use just Lightning Single 1, then 2 when you get it. The cone attacks don’t work all that well.

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