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Medical Crafting:

Gained by crafting items from the Medic Organic Chemistry line.

Use the same tips from the Artisan General Crafting guide.

The best thing to grind is Advanced Biological Effect Controllers, but if you don’t have the resources regular Biological Effect Controllers will do.


Novice Medic: Biological Effect Controller (36xp – 6 Organic, 6 Inorganic) --> Novice Bio-Engineer

292 Biological Effect Controllers
1,752 Organic
1,752 Inorganic


Organic Chemistry IV: Advanced Biological Effect Controller (84xp – 18 Lokian Wild Wheat, 18 Tatooine Fiberplast) --> Novice Bio-Engineer


125 Advanced Biological Effect Controllers
2,250 Lokian Wild Wheat
2,250 Tatooine Fiberplast

DNA Sampling:

Gained by sampling DNA from creatures. The amount of XP earned is based on the creature’s level.

Can also be earned for successfully supplying the DNA sequencing for a GCW base's Override Terminal.

Taking a sample takes 10 seconds and the creature cannot be attacked during the process (except by other wild creatures). You must stay within 15 meters during the sampling process as well. When you sample there are several possible outcomes:

You successfully get a DNA Sample.
You successfully get a DNA Sample and the creature dies.
You successfully get a DNA Sample and the creature notices you.
You successfully get a DNA Sample and the creature begins attacking you.
You fail to get a DNA Sample.
You fail to get a DNA Sample and the creature notices you.
You fail to get a DNA Sample and the creature begins attacking you.


While there is now a supplied SampleDNA macro the above macro will help immensely when taking samples. Basically, if the target begins attacking, you will not attack back, giving you the chance to run away and try again. Also, if you were to attack the target all of its social friends around would begin attacking you too, leading to a messy situation and potentially lots of lost sampling XP.

Another good tip is to get and always use Mask Scent, even if the creatures are not aggressive. Non-aggro creatures won’t even notice you, meaning they don’t get “spooked” and making your chances higher of getting a sample.

Also, supposedly standing still (ie. not moving) will increase your chances of getting a sample.

As you raise up the line you can sample higher level creatures, get a higher chance of success, get a higher chance of not killing the creature (thus allowing multiple samples), and lower the Mind cost of sampling.


Novice: Sample the trash outside starting cities (such as around Mos Eisley).

DNA Sampling 1: Continue sampling the trash.
DNA Sampling 2: Either continue sampling the trash or move on to higher level creatures.
DNA Sampling 3: You should be sampling higher level creatures now, Pikets on Dantooine are excellent.
DNA Sampling 4: Either continue sampling Pikets or go to Dathomir/Endor and sample everything you see.

The following is a general guideline on what you can sample at the levels of DNA Sampling, your chances are very slim of sampling creatures higher than your current limit:

Novice: <= CL10
DNA Sampling 1: <= CL20
DNA Sampling 2: <= CL30
DNA Sampling 3: <= CL40
DNA Sampling 4: <= CL50
Master: <= CL75

Note that you can also sample creature clones that you create (before taming) for reduced DNA Sampling XP.

DNA Sampling will drain your Mind, to circumvent this you can migrate your stats, eat some food/drink, take some spices, or get some Musician Buffs to increase your Focus and Willpower.

Optional: Get some clothes with Bio-Engineer enhancements for Mask Scent/Camoflage bonuses. Be aware that the highest that this bonus can accumulate is +25 (even though it will add up higher, it will only count up to the +25).

Bio-Engineer Crafting:

Gained primarily by crafting creatures, generic templates, tissues, and pet stims.

Use the same tips from the Artisan General Crafting guide.

Optional: Get a Droid with a Food and Chemical Crafting Station built in. This will allow you to craft and experiment on DNA Samples when you get them out in the field. This is a very nice alternative to destroying samples or running back to store them (seeing as they don’t stack in your inventory).

When you start out as a Novice Bio-Engineer you can either craft Multisaccharide Dimate or create creatures (Kaadu is best at Novice) from the DNA Samples you get while grinding DNA Sampling. I prefer going the cloning route as Multisaccharide Dimate requires Milk, which can be time consuming to gather if you don’t have some already stock-piled or available (requires Mask Scent to milk specific creatures). However, as soon as you get to Tissue Engineering 1 craft Micronutirent Supplements all the way for the rest.

Novice: Generic Template (21xp – 5 DNA Samples)
Novice: Kaadu Clone (105xp – 1 Generic Template, 35 Creature Food, 20 Flora Food)
Novice: Multisaccharide Dimate (136xp – 25 Flora Food , 20 Organic, 20 Milk) --> Tissue Engineering 1
Tissue Engineering 1: Micronutrient Supplement (105xp – 20 Organic, 15 Flora Food, 15 Creature Food) --> Clone Engineering 4/Tissue Engineering 4/Engineering Techniques 4

78 Multisaccharide Dimates
1,950 Flora Food
1,560 Organic
1,560 Milk
5000 Micronutrient Supplements
100,000 Organic
75,000 Creature Food
75,000 Flora Food

101,560 Organic
76,950 Flora Food
75,000 Creature Food
1,560 Milk

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