rising a

  1. Bosses
    1. Bosses will now hold appropriate sabers and drop the types of sabers they hold
      1. Revan - Double Bladed
      2. Palpatine - One Handed
      3. Darth Vader - One Handed
      4. Luke - Two Handed
      5. Grievous - Two Handed/One Handed
    2. Grievous now has a chance to drop multiple sabers
    3. Palpatine's guards changed to Pikeman instead of saber users

  2. Weaponsmith
    1. Long Vibro Axe, Nightsister Energy Lance and Vibro Lance now all take sword cores instead of vibromotors
      1. This change allows those items to be dual component to match other melee weapons
    2. Restore stocks to dxr6 carbines to make them 2 component again

  3. Geonosian Lab
    1. Added Solidifying Agents to the geocube loot group (in place of white cubes)
      1. This gives them the same droprate as Yellow Cubes

  4. Force Ranking System
    1. Gains and losses have been adjusted
      1. Killing a Jedi/Sith is still 5,000 FRS XP
      2. Dying to a Jedi/Sith is now a 5,000 FRS XP loss (down from 7,500)
      3. Killing a BH with your mission is now a 3,000 FRS XP gain (down from 5,000)
      4. Dying to a BH is now a 500 FRS XP loss.(was 0)

  5. Terminals
    1. Removed extra wound terminals from Endor Starports
    2. Buffs now cost 4,000 credits from terminals

  6. DWB
    1. Mando armor now will spawn with 75 Base and 80 LS resists

  7. Vehicles
    1. AV-21 added and is half the speed of a pod racer
    2. Pod Racer and AV-21 now repairable when disabled

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